Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Milking The Weather - Latest Update

La Niña weakens in the Pacific
• The La Niña event reached peak intensity in early January and is now weakening.
• We are following a typical Australian La Niña pattern, with a stronger influence on rainfall and temperature during winter to mid-summer, and then weakening during the following autumn(where we are heading to now). The relative warming of the ocean temperatures in the Pacific Ocean are consistent with the breakdown phase
of La Niña events.
• However, the atmospheric indicators of the La Niña, such as cloudiness, SOI and trade winds,have remained strong. The February SOI was the highest on record. As the ocean’s surface warms these atmospheric indicators are expected to
weaken over the coming month.
•The Indian Ocean Dipole (IOD) has limited influence on rainfall during the months from December through to April. It is currently in neutral territory
which is typical for this time of year and it is predicted to remain here until spring.

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