Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Feeding Pastures for Profit"

 "Feeding Pastures for Profit" programs are running across Gippsland.  It involves a 2 day course followed by 5 - 6 on-farm days throughout the year to more fully discuss pasture management & issues related to each season.
Programs are timed to run between milkings and course locations will be based on where the greatest demand arises.
There is a small charge and even this can be further reduced for eligible attendees via the federally funded FarmReady reimbursement scheme.
This year there are 4 programs to be run:-
West Gippsland Thursdays 19 and 20 April South Gippsland Fridays 20 and 27 April Further information or to register, please contact Frank Mickan Phone: 03 5624 2259 Mobile: 0427 317 471 Email:

Maffra Irrigation District Tuesdays 24 April and 1 May Bairnsdale Thursdays 3 and 10 May Further information or to register, please contact Jason McAinch Phone: 03 5147 0800 Mobile: 0408 482 480 Email:

Please get in early!

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