Friday, May 4, 2012

Wet Weather

Areas of the Gippsland region are wet again.  Last winter proved difficult in our dairying region & gatherings were held to share wet weather management ideas.  Have a look here for some tips.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Effluent Management

GippsDairy has produced a great fact sheet about the value of effluent & dairy farmers legislative requirements to manage effluent have a look here

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Farm Scale Composting

When? Tuesday May 8th,
10am – 1.00pm then lunch
Bass Coast Landcare Network
Ph: 03 5678 2335

Craig Matthews Dairy Farm,
950 Glen Alvie Road, Glen Alvie
Free BBQ
Lunch and
RSVP If you are interested in participating in this field day, please book your place by Thursday
3rd May by contacting Lisa on 5951 3329, 0409 366 914 or

Declan McDonald
Specialist Productive Soils, Farm Services Victoria,
Department of Primary Industries
The role of compost in improving soil health and using composting principles in modern agricultural systems.
Kevin Wilkinson
Principal Research Scientist, Future Farming
Systems, Department of Primary Industries
Kevin has been involved in researching composting for 16 years and
will discuss the principles and science behind compost. making.
Jim Vaughan
Gippsland Compost Services Compost turner contractor
Demonstrating use of compost turning equipment and contracting services.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

South Gippsland YDDP invites you to:
Calf Facilities Day
Thursday 26th April
Starting at 11.00am till 2.00pm
Including: BBQ Lunch
coffee & tea supplied
Guest Speakers include:
Dr Peter De Garis from Tarwin Veterinary Group will discuss:
How to improve your existing calf facilities at low cost and maintain calf health and welfare, and some good rearing tips.
Jake Fecklington from Irwins Stockfeeds will also be speaking about calf feed requirements and feed additives.
To RSVP please contact Irene Baker by Wednesday 25th April on:
5624 3900 0428 889 337

Friday, April 6, 2012

Planning for the end of the financial year

As the third financial quarter has just ended, many dairy farmers begin to consider their tax planning situation before June 30 comes around.

Last year the Yarram business forum looked closely at Managing Farm Finances.  Gippsland Accountant Colin Wright outlines some financial tips in this fact sheet.

Click here for John Mulvany's Notes about Managing Farm Finances on The Dairy Roller Coaster. When one year is good and the next not so profitable it can be tricky to know how to best manage farm finaces in a tax effective and practical way.

Both are worth a read as tax time draws closer.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Fantastic Web Resource

Online at Dairy Australia you will find the Future Ready Dairy Systems project page it was launched yesterday and has loads of great information about what farmers around Australia are doing to adapt to climate variability.

There are case studies with details about farms and changes being made, photos, fact sheets & more!  Go & have a look.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

"Feeding Pastures for Profit"

 "Feeding Pastures for Profit" programs are running across Gippsland.  It involves a 2 day course followed by 5 - 6 on-farm days throughout the year to more fully discuss pasture management & issues related to each season.
Programs are timed to run between milkings and course locations will be based on where the greatest demand arises.
There is a small charge and even this can be further reduced for eligible attendees via the federally funded FarmReady reimbursement scheme.
This year there are 4 programs to be run:-
West Gippsland Thursdays 19 and 20 April South Gippsland Fridays 20 and 27 April Further information or to register, please contact Frank Mickan Phone: 03 5624 2259 Mobile: 0427 317 471 Email:

Maffra Irrigation District Tuesdays 24 April and 1 May Bairnsdale Thursdays 3 and 10 May Further information or to register, please contact Jason McAinch Phone: 03 5147 0800 Mobile: 0408 482 480 Email:

Please get in early!